The Candual is Dual !
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One of the ingenuity of your CANDUAL candle is that You can reverse it from one day to another, It offers a unique and original experience, two perfumes for two different times, depending on the weather, your mood, your desires !

We will change Your Perception of Candles

Birth of the CANDUALS

The CANDUAL Collection from COSSTRA is born from the passion of its creator for the design, the beauty of Perfume’s power and the well-being.

This collection is inspired by a universe balanced between simplicity and purity, originality and technical tips for the eyes and mind, offering a wide range with unique and modern uses.

Original and natural products respectful of nature that surrounds us, the COSSTRA team conscious of the need to protect our environment, is to aim to offer products 100% natural, made of 100% organic vegetable wax, cotton wicks, globes in Glass Crystalline produced in France all presented in fully recyclable packaging.

A 100% European crafts from expertise of hundreds of years, a unique customization, an art object that is passed to future generations.

A “PIECE OF ART” that combines elegance, creativity, subtlety and pleasure thanks to its very qualitative and intoxicating fragrances.

The scents of high quality are created and produced in Grasse, the perfume capital.


With a unique and innovative design, the founder and creator of the object had to entrusted its execution to the most talented artisans, in this quest he meets a team of expert craftsmen eager to partner to this beautiful project.

Our partner glassmaker is currently the oldest working glassware in France, founded in 1475, it has perpetuated for more than five centuries the tradition and the know-how of the Master Glassmakers.

The meeting with the manager of COSSTRA represented an opportunity for the two teams to bring to life an Art of Traditions sublimated by the lines of CANDUALS products, created, manufactured and distributed by the parent company COSSTRA.

Each piece of the Hand-Crafted CANDUAL collections keeps the sublime imprint of the creation, at the end of which the glass takes shape, they are unique and their authenticity is guaranteed by the stamp COSSTRA, engraved on each of them.


Glass Artists & Passion


The CANDLE are produced by hand and therefore very rare !

The production is limited, limited in order to offer you an exceptional and unique object.

Due to the production method by craftsmen, none of our products is the same and each piece is listed and coded at the end of the workshop production in order to offer you a personalized quality service.

Real Beauty is Purity


The CRYSTALLINE, a noble material which has several centuries of history, COSSTRA has revisited this material modeled on our simple and modern lines.

In harmony with the surrounding nature, our CRYSTALLINE Glassworks partner is on the edge of an immense forest near the Vosges rich in Fern.

From the harmonious fusion of natural elements, aided by alchemy, the CRYSTALLINE is born.It is the result of a subtle alchemy between natural elements magnified by the Fire.

It is a material to be treated with care & respect …

Each Candual is Unique


Choose from a very wide range consisting of two models declined in 4 sizes and 10 collections which offers almost 1.450 possible combinations, it is certain that the model you will have chosen will be unique !

Our CANDUALS are varied and often limited productions, however, if you find the object of your desires, , on a website or point of sale and that it is no longer in stock, it is possible to check our stocks or, based on a timing which will be communicated to the request, to reproduce a collection in limited series.

You also, within the limits of the possible, have the opportunity to compose the object that corresponds to your desire, your interior, the atmosphere you are looking for…

See “composing my CANDUAL” in the menu PERSONNALIZATION

Quality First !


Quality first-class raw materials, makes our products even more special & unique, their choice is guided primarily by the desire to offer products of ultimate quality but also to respect a millenary Craftsmanship.

Awareness of the protection of our Environment is at the forefront.



Our candles are made of Natural and Organic Vegetable Wax, the wicks are made of cotton, we do not use dyes, perfumes are all of natural origin.

Our packaging respects our environment and are 100% recyclable.

We are proud to say that our Crystalline Cups & Globes are worked by craftsmen who work closely

with the COSSTRA team, taking part in the design and the final results of our ranges.

Exclusivity, Our Moto


Every year, Limited Series will see the day and will be produced in collaboration with world renowned glassmakers Artists !

These series shall appear on our site and in some outlets, we advise you to register on our site to be informed of their arrival knowing that their number will be VERY limited.

All our designs are registered and protected, EVERY object produced by hand and requires a certain number of hours of embodiment, this method craft production makes each of them unique to the image of a goldsmith’s work.

Ultra Customization


A product line where “everything is allowed” and “everything is possible”

Infinite possibilities of Options & Accessories that will transform your CANDUAL, will impress your family, your friends and your guests … You will be delighted !

> See Accessories & Custom in the menu in JUNE 2008′.

Distribution & Support


Our products are distributed worldwide, you will find our points of sale by country in the tab “OUTLETS”

If you do not find an shop in your area or near you, do not hesitate to contact us through our Help Desk, we will be happy to find a solution.


Whatever is your problem with your beloved CANDUAL, subscribe your product with the code-barre number and do not hesitate to contact our Help Desk, you always will be welcome.


Whatever CANDUAL product you buy, whether through one of our points of sale or via an online sales site, our outlets will provide you with a range of useful services…

Such as the “Re-Feeling system” Or the presentation of the use of a series of indispensable accessories in order to enjoy all the originality of your CANDUAL.

A Range That Meets All Personalities

Elegant, refined, original, creative ...

Join the CANDUAL family with over Thousands of Lovers !

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