Elegant & Unique range of Glasses

Hight Quality Glass
made in Crystalline

In our store
from February 2018'

Wiskey, Long drink & Whine Glasses in Azura Crystalline Glass

Each Glass collection is developed in 3 formats diameter Ø80, Ø70, Ø55mm on foot

The “AZURA” Glass Collection is at available in Light and Deep Azure Blue , which does not allow our stores to have everything in stock.

Do not hesitate to ask them for a catalog as all the versions are not on the site.

Being produced by hand, each one of them is different, which makes it originality.
The thickness of the glass can vary as well as the amount of wax.

Glass Artists & Passion


Our Glasses are produced by hand and therefore very rare !

The production is limited, limited in order to offer you an exceptional and unique object.

Due to the production method by craftsmen, none of our products is the same and each piece is listed and coded at the end of the workshop production in order to offer you a personalized quality service.

Real Beauty is Purity


The CRYSTALLINE, a noble material which has several centuries of history, COSSTRA has revisited this material modeled on our simple and modern lines.

In harmony with the surrounding nature, our CRYSTALLINE Glassworks partner is on the edge of an immense forest near the Vosges rich in Fern.

From the harmonious fusion of natural elements, aided by alchemy, the CRYSTALLINE is born.It is the result of a subtle alchemy between natural elements magnified by the Fire.

It is a material to be treated with care & respect and must not go in the dishwasher.