Di200 Cracked

15 September 2017
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15 September 2017 CANDUALS
Cracked Glass & Glossy effect  - Size : 225mm / Wax Weight : 5kg / Burning Hours (Dual + Free Refill) : 400


Purple Glass & Glossy effect

Ø : 200mm

Size : 225 mm

Wax Weight : 2.5kg

Total Weight : 5kg

Number of Wicks : 7

Burning Hours (Dual + Free Refill) : 400

A Free Refilling is included


The Candual is a Totally
New & Unique Concept
-The Production is Limited-

To have the chance to have yours
You can Pre-Order

The Delivery Start The First of February 2018′
Your delivery date will be confirmed by Mail



Each collection is developed in 2 Models and 4 formats per model.

The “PURE” Collection is composed of more than 38 variants, which does not allow our stores to have everything in stock.

Do not hesitate to ask them for a catalog as all the versions are not on the site.

The Di model is produced in diameter Ø100, Ø130, Ø150 & Ø200mm

Currently available in Di150 & Di200

Being produced by hand, each one of them is different, which makes it originality.

The thickness of the glass can vary as well as the amount of wax.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 225 mm

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