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A world of Fragrances, Beauty, Quality,
Design & Craftsmanship...
and above all, pure pleasure...


Our CANDLES are designed in Belgium, are mouth blown in CRYSTALLINE.
The colors are composed of pigments within the molten glass, the edges are cut cold and polished by hand.
This craftmanship makes each item of COSSTRA unique.
Production is limited and with varying finishes, thus allowing you to choose from a wide range of infinite combinations.
Each item is listed and coded at the end of production enabling us to offer you a personalized, quality service.

Quality First

With the use of first-class raw materials our products become even more memorable and unique.
All our candles are made of a Natural and Vegetable Wax, the wicks are made of cotton.
We do not use dyes, and perfumes are skilfully created in Grasse, France.
Our packaging is environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable.
Awareness and the protection of our environment is paramount.
Discover our unique fragrances from Grasse with their subtle characteristics in our wide range of original candle collections.